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A Daft Punk DJ chart from 1997 has surfaced

A Daft Punk DJ chart from 1997 has surfaced

By the end of January 1997, French producers Daft Punk had put themselves firmly on the map with their debut album.

‘Homework’ has gone on to become one of electronic music’s defining albums characterised by tracks like ‘909 Revolution’, ‘Da Funk’ and ‘Around The World’.

Following its release, Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo were asked by Germany’s Groove for a top 10 chart and some of their picks are a little surprising.

While classic French touch appears in the form of DJ Gregory’s remix of ‘Venus’ and Bangalter’s own ‘Spinal Scratch’, so does alternative rock band Ween and the r'n'b stylings of Babyface.

See the full top 10 below.

[Via: Groove]

10. Babyface ‘For The Lover In You’

9. Ween ‘Freedom Of 76’

8. Robert Armani ‘Road Tour' (Dave Clarke Remix)

7. Westside Connection ‘Gangstas Make The World Go Round’

6. Basement Jaxx ‘Fly Life’

5. Thomas Bangalter ‘Spinal Scratch’

4. Cheek ‘Venus’ (DJ Gregory remix)

3. Armand Van Helden ‘Funk Phenomena’ (Johnick Manhattan Special Mix)

2. CZR ‘Chicago Southside’

1. DJ Deeon ‘Deeon Does Disko’

Given that the legendary French duo has only toured twice in 1997 and 2007 (although if we split hairs, that second tour started at Coachella in 2006), fans have long held out faith that the disco-robot overlords would return sometime this calendar year. We can only hope..

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