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November 17, 2018

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Per Pedersen

Per Pedersen

Per Pedersen

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The Copenhagen-born   House   music   aficionado   has   been   crossing   the coordinates  of  Deep,  Tech  and  House  music  since  he  began  his  musical heritage  some  15  years  ago. Having  grown  up  in  five  different  countries,  Per has  been  exposed  to  a  vast  variety  of  different  music  genres, styles  and cultures,  from  which  he  draws  his  inspiration,  resulting  in  a  wide-ranging record collection and production skill set.

Part  of  a  new  breed  of  DJs, Per’s  determination,  relentless  work  ethic  and prolific energy has propelled his career forward. With a strong self-driven work ethic and  a clear and determined vision for the future, it has been no surprise to see Per’s popularity grow quickly. That same attitude not only shows in his productions,  but  also  comes  into  play  during  Per’s  engaging  and  carefully curated  DJ  sets.

Whether  it  is  opening,  prime-time  or  after-show,  Per’s intuition for the crowd and location, proves each time again that he lives for his profession.  His  DJ  sets  are  full  of  energy,  fuelled  by  high in-depth  knowledge and an innate ability to guide the crowd. The breadth, depth and consistency of his  sets  over  the  years  are  also  a  testament  to  Per’s  dedication  to  electronic music. Behind the booth, he is no stranger to a quality bill, featuring at London’s  Ministry  of  Sound  and  EGG,  Ibiza’s  Eden  and  Pacha,  among  many  other prevalent clubs and festivals around Europe and the White Isle. His passion for both  the  music  and  the  industry  is  infallible  and  pace  the  way for  a  bright future for this Danish talent.

Stimulated   by   his   organic   love   for   brooding   bass   lines   and   meticulous percussion and drums, Per’s own productions have a coherent  energy and an infectious  groove,  no-nonsense  rhythms  and  are  infected  with  warm  charm and  boundless  energy.  With  releases  on  Household  Digital,  Stash  Records, Minar  Records  and  Technobuse  Records,  Per’s  productions  have  received support from the likes of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna and many more.  Per’s  dedication  to  the  underground  music  scene  has  garnered  him widespread  support,  and  his  music  is  appreciated  by  a  range  of  dance  music personalities. In addition to his remarkable DJ sets and productions, Per also hosts his own radio  show. Every  Thursday  from  4pm-6pm  GMT,  Per  hosts  his  weekly live show   on   the   UK’s   leading   House   music   radio   station –   Select   Radio (,  where  he  showcases  exciting  new  music  from  his favorite artists and labels alongside his own productions. Whether in the studio or behind the decks, Per has taken musical splendor into his own hands and molded it very well.

Today, Per masters the craft brilliantly and  the  outlook  is  distinct.  His  inexhaustible  creativity  and  innovation  and  his unfailing   feel   for   the   crowd   make   him   an   outstanding   artist   in   the contemporary world of electronic dance music. With a dynamic year ahead and multiple  forthcoming  originals  across  coveted  labels,  Per  looks  forward  to producing  exciting  new  music,  perfecting  his  talent  and  growing  as  an  artist and producer.

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Per Pedersen

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