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Lorenzo Chiabotti

Lorenzo Chiabotti

Lorenzo Chiabotti

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Originally hailing from Turin, Italy, Lorenzo Chiabotti began his love affair with music at a very young age. First playing the drums and then studying music at the Music School of Art, where he began to learn many different elements of music. It was during this time that he began to study step sequencing and midi programs that really took him to the next level of his passion for electronic music.

Once he began to experiment with these sounds he no longer wanted to play drums and traded in his drum set for machines that he could use to create the sound of his symphonic love. It was also during his teenage years that he began to immerse himself in Turin’s rave scene where his inspiration continued to develop and grow.

Soon everything would change for the young determined artist. He decided to spend a summer season in Ibiza in 2006. It was here that he would meet Luc Ringeisen in his record store on the island. Lorenzo gave Luc a demo of his unreleased productions and after a few weeks he became a part of the Vinyl Club family. Shortly after that he began to hear his tracks being played all over the island that summer in clubs like DC-10 and Privilege.

After a few summer seasons of living in Ibiza, Lorenzo wanted something more. His good friend Luc Ringeisen had moved from Ibiza and kept telling Lorenzo to move to Berlin. Finally in 2010 he would relocate permanently to Berlin. It was there that he would find a new level of inspiration from the vast variety of quality music in the excitement of the flourishing Berlin scene. He took this inspiration directly to the studio to begin to further develop and evolve his sound. Shortly after relocating to Berlin he began to collaborate with Vinylclub label mate Maki Polne where they released a slew of records together on the label as well as their recent releases on Delooped Records, Vekton, and Vekton Black. Lorenzo also has heavily collaborated with Yaya of Desolat an old friend from his past in Ibiza. Their track “GrandeTosse” together on Kina was well received critically and in the underground circuit.

Lorenzo’s sound can be described as funk driven Techno that is reshuffled with House and adds just a bit of darkness that keeps it all tightly woven together in a forward thinking manner. When he isn’t in the studio you can catch him behind the decks throughout Berlin and the world, playing in places such as Doctor Sax, The Zoo Project, Club Der Visionäre, and Arena.

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Lorenzo Chiabotti

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